Naturally Punny Valentines Cards

Are your kids looking forward to sharing hearts and Valentine cards this year?

Here’s a set of printable cards featuring tree-themed puns. Guaranteed to bring your kids TREE-mendous fun!

This set includes five different pages with different sizes and layouts, so you can pick the size and version that works best for your kids.

Are you looking for something easy that you just need to print out and add names? Use one of the ready-to-print, full-color Valentine cards.

Or are you looking for a card that lets your kid to add their own creativity? Try the black-and-white coloring pages—easy to print and easy to personalize.

The images on these pages come from my picture book Can a Tree Be Blue? While there aren’t any blue trees in the valentines, there is a link to a read-aloud video of my picture book in the file. 

Plus, kids can use the coloring-page versions to color their own blue leaves if they want to!

Here's the link again.

Feel free to tag me on Instagram, @audreysaublekidsbooks if you decide to show off your valentines.

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