Book Launch & Giveaway Results

And the winners are:

Sarah G., Amy L., and Emily H.!

I have emailed them and will be sending off their books shortly. Congratulations!

And a huge thank you to everyone else who was downloaded my book over the past few days!

Fun fact: at one point, the English version was first and the Spanish third in their Amazon category [Free Kindle Books > Childrens > Nonfiction > Animals]. According to the Amazon stats, I also had two copies of the Spanish ebook downloaded in...Japan?
screen shot from Amazon
Screen shot from February 25th.

Second fun fact: I found that the hardcover version of "Who Laid the Egg?" is also available on Barnes & Noble. For that version, I'm actually using a POD company that happens to be one of the major book distributors, and that makes it easier for companies like Barnes & Noble to list my book. Let me know if you spot it anywhere else!

Over the next week or two, I'll have a couple other updates to add, and I'll be working on a couple other small projects, so check back soon!