The end of a book

my old sketch bookRight now, I’m in the final stages of finishing a book.

Make that two books, actually.

One of those books in my newest picture book! I've got it set up as a Kindle ebook now, and it's available on Amazon.

The other book I'm finishing up right now is a sketch book that I've been using since I was a teenager.

I don't know exactly how old this book is. It has sketches of chipmunks and squirrels from long-past camping trips, swans from practicing for the Junior Duck Stamp competition, kid doodles, an attempt at drawing Yosemite Falls, and even weird eyeball-bulging frog eyes from working on my first picture book.

This book wasn't my only drawing book over all that time. (I mean—I even had a separate sketchbook just for doodling ideas for my attempt at writing a fantasy series.) This particular book I'm finishing now, though, has been around the longest, and it’s a bit strange to fill up the last pages and put it away.

I've had a lot of ups and downs as a writer and an artist—days when I thought maybe I was getting somewhere, and days where it seemed that nothing was working right.

Some days, however, I look back at my old sketch books and realize that maybe—after all the stress and worry—maybe I can draw decently well. Maybe I'll get there eventually.

That's why I'm planning to hang onto this particular sketchbook. I like to think I'm minimalist and can clear out clutter, but sometimes it's good to see what I've accomplished over the years—and how I've improved over time.

And where I'm going next? This picture book I've just finished and many more to come!

I’ll be back Monday with a giveaway and more about the book.

For now, check out the two new coloring pages I’ve added over here

And this sneak preview, too:

a rocket capsule propelled toward Mars