Bug, Bug, Spider: The Backstory

bug coloring pages for kids

It's here! 

This project started last summer, when my family and I were watching a NOVA episode on origami. The video showed a clip of a ladybug's wings unfolding as it launched into the air. In slow-motion, the ladybug's wings slowly, almost magically, opened out from beneath the bug's red shell.

At the time, I wanted to capture that moment of flight. So, I created a coloring page and shared it here, on my blog.

With that small attempt, however, I found the inspiration for Bug, Bug, Spider...a whimsical collection of anthropomorphic insects!

a coloring page of a flying ladybug

From there, the ideas grew.

I took on an Inktober drawing challenge, trying to complete 30 coloring pages during October. Slowly, though, the project stretched out over an extra two months as I edited and fine-tuned the images, then added science facts and activity pages to the book.

In the end, a couple of my early coloring pages did make it into Bug, Bug, Spider, but my original flying ladybug? She turned into a ladybug on a hang-glider! You’ll have to get the book, though, to find out more about her and the other bugs!

bug coloring pages

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Or, you can get a copy of Bug, Bug, Spider! from Amazon (affiliate link).

A nature coloring & activity book

About the book:

What large invertebrates are slugs related to? Do ants work all the time? What do centipedes eat?

Learn about bugs and more with this entertaining coloring book! From a skateboarding snail to a not-so-busy ant, Bug, Bug, Spider offers an original collection of fun, engaging creepy-crawlies, along with interesting science facts for kids.

With a month's supply of coloring pages, plus extra activities and craft ideas for learning about flies, butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, gastropods, and more!

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bug coloring pages for kids


  1. Thank you! I just ordered my copy....looking forward to learning more about bugs...er, I mean, having my children learn more about bugs. :)

    1. Thank you, Amy! I'd love to hear what you think!


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