Learning About Eggs: STEM Activity Pages

It’s time for a few science activities!

After writing Who Laid the Egg? a couple years ago, I created a set of coloring pages with a few of the animals from my picture book.

They’ve been posted on my blog for a while now, but I recently decided to clean them up and add some extra projects. After all, I’ve been busy creating other kid activities for my new coloring book!

I'm currently procrastinating on my next book, so now seemed like a good time idea to revisit Who Laid the Egg? and create something specifically for younger kids (and their adults) to do along with the book.

And guess what? Here it is!

I’ve created a PDF file that you can download and print.

Plus, here's a video read-aloud version of the book as well!

A couple of these activities are based on science projects and ideas that I’ve seen elsewhere. All of the artwork in the PDF is my own, though.

The projects include a few riddles for kids to solve, a mini-puzzle to help preschoolers learn how animals grow in an egg, and of course, a variety of animal coloring pages.

If you want to read my picture book while you are working on the activities, it's available on Amazon (affiliate link) as well as most other major bookstores. I also have a few copies available through my own store, if you are in the US and are interested in a signed copy. It's not necessary to have the book to do the projects, though!

For extra fun, here’s some other egg-themed activities I found on other websites:

Like the activity pages I created, most of these projects are for preschoolers, but they could be adapted for older students as well.

Do you have any fun egg-themed activities? I'd love to hear what you've learned about eggs and the animals who lay them!

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