Can a Tree Be Blue? - Resources and Links

Have you ever seen a blue tree?

Well, is an oak tree blue? What about a willow? Or a maple?

Trees aren't just green! They grow in a rainbow of colors, and some trees even change through the year. An easy-to-read nonfiction picture book, Can a Tree Be Blue? introduces children to different colors that trees can be, as well as the ways that trees change over time.

Can a Tree Be Blue is the first book in my Early Science series, and it's a great resource for exploring nature with young children and beginning readers.  

As an author and illustrator, my main goal is to encourage children to explore nature and science through picture books. While Can a Tree Be Blue focuses on different colors of trees, it also introduces children to the way that trees change through the year, shows the the different shapes that leaves can be, and encourages children to take a closer look at trees with a fun scavenger hunt at the end of the book.

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