Creepy-Crawlies & Slimy Things: A List of Children’s Books


Barely anyone likes slugs, but most people love octopuses.

children's picture books about bugs

To be honest, that’s a little ironic, since octopuses and slugs are both mollusks. 

Both are invertebrates as well, along with worms, spiders, ants, crickets, cockroaches, snails, and of course, ladybugs.

That’s a lot of different types of invertebrates—and that’s not even counting marine invertebrates like jellyfish, sea stars, sponges, coral, squid, sand dollars, clams, or lobsters!

I’m working on a coloring/activity book right now that’s focused entirely on marine invertebrates. So I thought it would be fun to share a list of children’s books entirely about these animals (both the land dwellers and the sea creatures).

While most of these are also print books, these books are all available as ebooks, in case you want to start reading right away. I’ve also marked the ones that are free in Kindle Unlimited with an *asterisk if you prefer to use KU to read ebooks.

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And now for the ebooks!

Nonfiction Picture Books:

*Do Bugs Wear Shoes, by Addie Broussard.

*What Makes a Bug a Bug?, by Andi Cann.

Bees Like Flower, by Rebecca Bielawski

Loretta’s Caterpillar, by Lois Wickstrom

Snails (a free PDF), by Teaching Without Chairs. 

Can a Spider Be Fluffy?, by Audrey Sauble 


Fiction Picture Books:

*Pilot Ray, by Jana Broecker.

*Firenze’s Light, by Jessica Collaco.

*It’s Not Easy Being a Lazy Bug, by Pragya Tomar

*Jimmy the Jittery Jitterbug, by Sonica Ellis

*Little Bug and the Noisy New Neighbors, by Melanie Hawkins.

*Spider the Celebrity, by SD Burke

*My Little Ladybug Friend, by Toby Williams.

*The Slug Prince, by Martin Dale

*Lily the Limpet Gets Lost, by Emma Rosen

*Save the Ocean, by Bethany Stahl 

*Bad Caterpillar, by Suvi Chisholm

*The Purple Grasshopper by Hannah Qizilbash

*Are They Really Scary, by Julia Inserro


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