Crafty Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Confession time - I didn't have enough energy this year to do a Christmas tree.

We did decorate one corner of the living room finally. 

Christmas tree ornaments from paper

I even made a wreath using a couple branches from our backyard and a wire frame that I randomly dug out of the ivy in our yard earlier this year. (It’s a long story, but I should make a post someday about all the other random stuff we’ve found in our yard.) 

And this year, I finally got into Christmas crafts with my kids. We’ve skipped over a lot of the cute handprint-type ornaments, but I’ve been wanting to let my kids try needlework. So, this year, I cut out some felt shapes for them, and they sewed the shapes into ornaments.

Felt Christmas ornaments

Oldest sewed the star, and youngest sewed the two hearts – and I think they both did very well for their first time using a needle! 

We also made Christmas tree ornaments from construction paper. 

And, while I would recommend trying the sewing project too, paper trees are super easy to make. You can adapt this project for even toddlers to help with, and you probably have the supplies already laying around on a shelf or in a drawer, waiting to get used. 

To create a Christmas tree from construction paper, you just need paper, scissors, and glue. 

Start by cutting a piece of paper into a square and the square into two triangles. 

Then cut those triangles into smaller triangles until you have a good mix of sizes. No rulers needed for any of this - just fold the paper in half and cut along the fold.

When you're ready, stack the triangles up from large to small, and glue them together. If you want to hang these ornaments up, you can punch a hole in the top of the tree and add a string. 

You can also create a mix of colors and decorate the trees too if you want. Crayons or markers would work well for decorating the trees.

Add in a favorite holiday book or two, and enjoy.

Happy Holidays - and happy crafting too!

Paper Christmas tree ornaments