Teaching Kids About Spiders - Resources

Did you know that tarantulas got their name from a species of European wolf spiders?

This sort of name-sharing can make common names confusing, and it's a major reason that scientists use special scientific names to classify spiders and other organisms. I mention this issue in the back matter for Can a Spider Be Fluffy, but I've now written a guest post for LitLinks, explaining how teachers and parents can use spiders to introduce kids to scientific classifications.  

Now that the new guest post is ready, this seemed like a good time to update my list of spider & bug-themed resources.

Reading list - my favorite picture books about spiders:

  • I'm Trying to Love Spiders, by Bethany Barton
  • The Spider, by Elise Gravel
  • Spiders! Strange and Wonderful, by Laurence Pringle, illustrated by Meryl Henderson
  • Are You a Spider? (Backyard Books), by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries
  • Nefertiti the Spidernaut, by Darcy Pattison, illustrated by Valeria Tisnes
  • Are They Really Scary? by Julia Inserro, illustrated by Tanja Varcelija

And, of course, there is my own picture book about spiders, Can a Spider Be Fluffy? This is the second book in my Early Nature Series, aimed at encouraging children to stop and wonder at the world around us. (It's available through Amazon and most major bookstores.)

Other reading lists:

Books about bugs

Books about butterflies & moths

Books about bees & other pollinators

In addition to these reading lists, I've also created a research/writing assignment page for teachers to use in a lesson about spiders. This page is a very simple form kids can fill out with information about a particular species of spider. You can find it on Teachers Pay Teachers - or you can find it in the PDF with the other activity pages below.

Here are three other resources: 

A printable bug journal page - you can use this to create a scrapbook-style journal featuring the insects, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies your kids find.

7 ways to teach kids about bugs - 

Other activity pages for Can a Spider Be Fluffy? - this includes coloring pages, a scavenger hunt, and several art projects, along with other activities.

A picture book and kids activity pages

What about you? Do you have any favorite resources for teaching kids about spiders? Let me know in the comments!