Spring Flowers Scavenger Hunt

I've been busy recently, trying to wrap things up on my next picture book (coming in May!), but it was time for a change of pace this weekend, so I spent the last couple of days creating a spring-themed scavenger hunt and a coloring page!

We're in a temperate area, so these flowers may be long past in some areas and just starting to bloom in others. I tried to pick the more common plants, though, so you should be able to find most of them around your neighborhood!

Here's the scavenger hunt:
A scavenger hunt for kids
And here's the coloring page: dandelions!

Dandelion coloring page
You can download and print a file with both activity pages here. (For anything other than personal use, please contact me.)

I'm hoping to create a few more, so leave your favorite spring flower in the comments. Maybe I'll include it!

If you want another outdoors activity, try a flower census like we did last year!

Interested in more coloring pages and activities? Check out this packet of activities I created for my picture book, Can a Tree Be Blue?

Activity pages for kids